Access your mail from a program

To access your mail from a program (like Outlook or Thunderbird) use the following information:

  • POP3 Host Address: (replace "" with your domain name).
  • SMTP Host Address: (replace "" with your domain name). (OR you can set address specified by your local ISP which would be faster.)
    • Due to some changes in the way things work, you may need to use "" instead if you get errors using your own domain name.
  • Change the outgoing SMTP server port to "587" if you are using our SMTP (not your ISP's). This is usually found on the advanced tab when setting up an account in your software.
  • Username: The email address you are checking email for. Make sure its your FULL email address.
  • Password: As specified in your control panel or by our emails to you. If you do not know the password we can provide you with a new one.
  • Make sure you tick off "My outgoing server requires authentication"
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