Determine your website's IP/Server

If your site has recently been migrated, you can determine what server your site is coming off of in these two ways:

1.) Firefox: If you're a Firefox user, install a plugin called Domain Details. It will show you the IP of your site in the bottom status bar.

2.) Ping your website:

  • In Windows, click the start button and go to run, (or if you're on Vista/7 just type the following into the search box): cmd
  • In the box that pops up, type: ping (replace with your domain)
  • This will report back the IP of your website.

What do those numbers mean?:

These are the IP's of our servers. Note that if you have a dedicated IP it will most likely be very similar to one of them but the last number would be different.

  • - "Cloud" Server
  • - "Sky" Server
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