Access your mail from an iPhone

Newer iPhones (iOS 10+)

  • Add "other" mail account.
  • When filling out the information, use:
    • "" (replace with your actual domain)
    • Your FULL email address is always the username.
    • Make sure to fill out the same for both incoming and outgoing.
  • You will get a screen pop up saying that the server identity cannot be verified.
    • Click the Details button.
    • Then click Trust at the top right.
    • (You may have to repeat this one more time.

Older iPhones

1. Add email account on iPhone

  • If this is the first account you are setting up on iPhone, simply tap Mail and then select Other
  • If this is an additional account please go to the Home screen > Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Other

2. Enter account information

Select POP or IMAP. POP3 will download and remove mail from the server unless you have it select the option in the mail client to leave mail on the server. IMAP will leave all mail on the server and syncronize between the device.

Add the following information:

Name – Your Name
Address – Your address
Description – How you want to identify the specific email account, for example "work", or "home email"

Incoming Mail Server

  • Host Name – (change "" to your domain name)
  • Username – Your email address
  • Password –Your mailbox password

Outgoing Mail Server

Here you should be able to use the outgoing server given to you by your provider/ISP.


  • Use as the outbound server
  • Your username and password are required for sending. This would be the same username and password as used for inbound email.
  • Outbound mail must be set to connect on port 587 and may require SSL/TLS (security) to be enabled. If you do enable security be sure that the port remains set to port 587

3. Complete the setup process

  • Click SAVE and wait for the iPhone to test your incoming and outgoing mail settings and connect to your mailbox.
Video Demonstrations

IMAP mail setup on iOS 6

IMAP mail setup on iOS 7

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