Dealing with Spam

We use a service called MagicSpam that catches thousands of spam messages per day. If you are still getting too much spam, here are some things to consider:
  1. Don't use your main email address to sign up to lots of random websites. Sometimes it is best to use an alternative account for those purposes.
  2. Don't post your email address anywhere in plain sight (on your website, etc.) Use a contact form instead. Spammers love to grab email addresses from websites.
  3. If you are using a contact form, make sure it has some form of captcha (enter a code to make sure the user is human).
  4. Less important: If your email address is somewhat easy to guess in random (ie., consider using something more unique (ie.
  5. Unsubscribe to any newsletters you don't want to see by finding the small unsubscribe link on the bottom of emails.

If spam is still a big problem, the best spam filter out there is Gmail. You will get virtually no spam at all.

  • You can send email with the same address you use now, but you would be using the Gmail website instead.
  • Instructions on how to set that up are here.
  • If you would like us to do it for you, charge $28 for this service. Just let us know.
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