Keeping Wordpress Up To Date

Keeping your wordpress installation up to date, along with any plugins and themes is a very important practice.
Not only do the updates bring you new features, they usually contain security fixes to keep your website from being vulnerable to hackers.

Before performing any updates to your website be sure to back up your database.
To easily back up your site before updating you can install the Updraft Plus plugin on your site:

Step 1. Log into your wordpress admin panel. Usually this is
Step 2. In the left Sidebar under Dashboard you can click Updates.
Step 3. From this screen you will see if Wordpress, Plugins or Themes requiring updating.  You can tick them off and update all at once, or you can install one at a time.

After updating your website make sure you test out all functions to be sure nothing has broken.  If something has broken, you will need to restore the backup you made before updating.
If you are having incompatability issues with the latest updates we are available to assist.  Please contact support [at] xpcweb [dot] com to open a ticket.
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