Server maintenance (~5 mins each server) (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Hosteria PL1
  • We will be doing some minor maintenance which requires a reboot of each of our servers and a few minutes of work. We will be doing during the day of May 7th.

  • Date - 2017/05/07 09:00 - 2017/04/30 23:00
  • Last Updated - 2017/05/07 15:56
Issues delivering mail to Hotmail/Outlook (Investigating)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - Hosteria PL2
  • A few issues have caused us to have a problem with one of our servers sending mail to Microsoft email systems such as Hotmail or Outlook.

    • A couple websites were out of date and got exploited, they sent out lots of spam and got us temporarily blocked.
    • People who forward their email from us to Hotmail means that their spam also goes along with it and appears to come from us, even though it doesn't. We've enhanced our spam protection and hoping this will prevent this from being an issue.
    • Microsoft (Hotmail/Outlook/Live) has a policy where they temporarily ban websites for a lot longer than everyone else, and it makes it difficult to get unblocked.
    Currently we are waiting for the problem to resolve itself (it normally does). Is this affecting your business? Please let us know. We do have a few solutions available:
    • Purchasing a dedicated IP from us will forever prevent you from being blocked, as long as you keep your IP clean (no website exploits, etc.)
    • We can move you to our newer servers that don't have these issues. We have plans to do this in the future anyways, but we can do it early.
      • This needs to be scheduled, usually in the evening.
      • Usually we can handle the entire job on our own, but if you don't have your domain registered through us, we will need you to be available at the scheduled time or for you to provide us access to your domain registrar's website.

  • Date - 2017/01/01 17:12
  • Last Updated - 2017/02/28 17:20

Server Status

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