Mister Spy hacks on multiple WordPress sites (Teatatud)
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  • We've had multiple reports from people that their WordPress sites have been hacked by "Mister Spy". This appears to be a widespread, recent hack affecting many WordPress websites around the world.


    The bot has exploited a security holes in MySQL, so we have disabled remote access to MySQL. Anyone who was using this feature will no longer be able to.

    What's affected:

    No files are changed, added or deleted by the hack. It seems to take over your admin account and mess up the database. Particularly adding things to sidebar widgets.

    How to fix:

    A database restore, then changing all passwords seems to be a valid fix. We have backups from right before the hacks, so you can contact us. Make sure to update WordPress and all plugins after to be extra safe.

  • Kuupäev - 2018/04/20 19:41 - 2018/05/20 19:41
  • Viimati uuendatud - 2018/04/23 15:56

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